The secret is in the packing

The human brain is a complicated and not completely understood system which gives meaning to the images that we percieve. Connecting a person with their environment is a task similar to the function of packaging, which connects its contents with the environment. It is the packaging of a product that establishes the first contact with the outside world and at the same time provides information on its contents and provides it with a safe environment. Understanding this process is an excellent starting point for creating flexible packaging.
Over a period of twenty years, the company has built firm foundations for business operations, which are essential for the success in a period of challenges. State-of-the-art production, innovation, accompanying services and the creativity and skills of our personnel are the real capital of Amba Co.
We dedicated a lot of energy to the development of new products, which also gave us expertise that we are very proud of. Our reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality flexible packaging was created through the production of flexible packaging for a number of recognised domestic and foreign trademarks.
The company generates approximately half of its turnover in the Slovenian market. Amba also supplies packaging to the neighbouring Austrian and Italian markets, as well the German, Czech and Dutch markets.
The company’s first successes were crowned by the first prize at the International Grand Prix Cyrel in 2005 and the third prize in 2010 and 2006. The competitions take place every year and are seen as an acknowledgement of efforts invested in flexible packaging production. They also consitute a foundation for development and technological orientation.

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