Flexible Packaging and Bags

Amba Co. employs state-of-the-art technology, which is essential today to make a top-quality product, for printing, lamination and all development stages of processing. We control the entire technological procedure in one place. This allows for a high level of responsiveness to partners’ needs and complete control of the manufacturing process.

A promise of imprint repeatability

Materials can be as different as people. At Amba Co., we have a thorough knowledge of materials and their characteristics, which allows us to realise the ideas and wishes of the customer concerning flexible packaging. We guarantee imprint repeatability and stability of materials.We use materials from recognised manufacturers certified for use in the food, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries.
Flexible packaging is a form of packaging that has, compared with other packaging that could be used for the same product, the minimum amount of material used. Adaptive form of flexible packaging gives the final product a very low added weight, which also means less waste when emptied.
We manufacture and offer a wide range of customized flexible packaging, which includes flexible packaging standing bags, flexible packaging pouches and in majority flexible packaging films on reels.
Our most commonly used materials are:
  • PP – Polypropylene (cast or oriented)
  • PET - Polyester
  • LDPE - Low density Polyethylene
  • PA – Polyamide (nylon) (cast or oriented)
  • AL – Aluminum
  • Composite materials with paper (with or without aluminum)

*PP and PET materials can be glossy or matt
Flexible packaging can be composed of one or more layers of different materials, which are joined by lamination process using adhesives without solvents (solvent-less).
We laminate films for specific purposes and applications:
  • easy to open- peelable
  • barier and high barier films (PvdC, EvOH, metalizacija, Al)
  • films for vacuum and MAP
  • films for aggressive substances (dressings, oils, ketchup, marinades…)
  • films for frozen program
  • films with anti-fog effect
  • top films (peelable; reclosable; sealable on PP, PS…) (meat products, cheese…)
  • films for specific applications (low sealing temperature; pharmaceutical products…)

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